Sunday, 19 September 2010

Steki - Osbourne Road

This is one of those places that has been on my mind to try for ages, but just never got around to it!

What a busy place!!  I called and booked ahead luckily as I don't think I would have got a table for my required time otherwise.  The interior and the music set the scene well, just as you would expect from a Greek Taverna.

I went mad on the starter and ordered the Steki seafood meze.  At £20 to share between two I was expecting something special - and it did not disappoint!  The dish comprised of octopus, anchovies, prawns, calamari, muscles in a tomato sauce with melted feta cheese, hummus, pita bread and a few olives.  Probably the best seafood dish I have ever had in Portsmouth.  So fresh and tasty I would order this over and over.  I had read on Trip Advisor a review from a Greek person who said that the pita breads were totally authentic, and although personally I have not been to Greece (yet), they were amazing!!!  The only thing I think they could change was that the calamari was slightly greasy to taste and the batter struggled to stay attached to the squid.  This could be so easily corrected.

Mains we opted for the classic Moussaka - refreshingly made with beef and not lamb, and a dish called soutzoukakia which is little (sausage-looking) meatballs made of a delicate mixture of minced beef, onions and herbs, cooked in tomato sauce, served with rice and Greek style potatoes.  The latter dish was also served with rice which we felt was too much with the potatoes, but was a very tasty dish!  The moussaka too was good, although I would have liked more beef and less bechamel in mine.  Both these dishes we would order again.

Service too was good, especially as they were busy with some customers just walking in off the street.  Our waitress was a lovely charming American lady, who was very helpful.

Total bill including a mineral water and beer was around £43.00. 
Booking at weekends probably advisable

Would I go again - Yes, but it would be hard not to partake in the seafood meze and pitta bread which stole the show!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Blue Mondays at Yo! Sushi

It has finally arrived, Blue Mondays at Yo!  As much as I love this place and have eaten a couple of times at the GWQ branch, I do find by the time you have had a decent amount of dishes you come out a little light in the pocket.

Blue Mondays afford the diner a choice of up to 50 dishes (subject to availability obviously, but availability I found was not bad), for a price of £2.20 per dish, whereas their two most expensive dishes come in at £3.80 and £5.00 each, so it is really worth making a trip there on  Mondays.  You can still order a few hot rice/noodle dishes and vegetable hand rolls with this offer too!

So if your still a 'sushi virgin' as their promotion goes, give blue Mondays a go, then if it's not for you, you wont have spent a fortune!