Monday, 18 October 2010

Heston at Waitrose Marmion Road

I have been dying to try out this new range since I read about it back in the summer and it has arrived!  Granted our local store does not have the full range, but there is enough to get started on.  I purchased this week the Cabernet Sauvignon Mayonnaise (£2.25) and the spinach and 3 mushroom pie, and the ham, leek and chicken pie (£2.50 ish each).  There are also available in our store the salts.  There will be more to come from this range I'm told in time.  The mayo with chips and steak was really good.  The pies were ok, but how posh can a pie actually become?

Worth a try thought I would say, especially now as there is for a limited period 25% of the full price!

I was drinking in Hestons pub in Bray yesterday and they had crunchy roast potatoes in bowls on the bar as snacks (great idea!) - wish I had taken the Mayo with me now!!!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Strada this Friday only BOGOF!

Wow - those BOGOF meal deals rarely cover Friday or Saturday nights, but Strada are offering this deal this Friday only!  Visit their website for more details.  I have not been here for some time so this is as good a time than any to take advantage!