Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Port Solent Open Kitchen Event

This event was open to the public last Friday, Saturday and Sunday  (see my previous post on blog), and as a foodie fan of our local restaurants and all things food related I put my name down to attend 3 of the free one hour long sessions: Pizza demonstration at O Sole Mio, Wine tasting at the Water Margin and a tasting of Dim Sum at the Dragon Marina.
 On the Friday 3 out of the maximum of 5 were in attendance at O Sole Mio.  They had in store for us a pizza making demonstration where the chef explained the components and tips to making a traditional Italian pizza. Obviously techniques and ingredients vary from place to place, but there version was certainly tasty and cooked in a pizza oven too.  I am planning on trying this recipe myself this weekend.
Saturday 11am was wine tasting at the Water Margin with a  French speaking sommelier named Michael.  In an hour he managed to do a very good basic explanation and Introduction to wine tasting and what to look for.  Everyone in attendance seem to thoroughly enjoy it, and Michael despite your concerns on the language barrier you did an excellent job, we all came away with a little more knowledge.

The Dim Sum tasting session was also well supported, and they had us hands on making Dim Sum ourselves.  We then all sat down to 3 varieties of Chinese tea and they handed out information about the history of Dim Sum itself which then followed a small banquet of several different Dim Sum for us to taste all compliments of the restaurant!

I found out about this event via a resident of Port Solent, but nobody else I had spoken to prior to the event had heard about it!  Was this an intentional move to keep the publicity to a minimum due to limited spaces I wonder?
Overall it was a really great event and a superb idea, so if you missed out hopefully it will be back again next year!!!!

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