Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bamboo Bar and Restaurant

When this place first opened I was not sure what it did or what it was promising, and due to it's location I was not sure what market it was aiming towards.  That end of  Palmerston Road can be renowned for it's night life.  So I gave it a miss, until recently a Groupon voucher saw me dining here on a really reasonable deal for 2 courses.

The starter was really average and nothing that good to say about it really - chicken satay. Quickly moving on, I had their Black Rock Grill for my main course which is dubbed as a unique, delicious, healthy interactive dining experience that allows your meal to be presented cooking on the volcanic rocks at your table. 

The rocks are heated to a temperature so high that you can cook raw meat on them to your liking. 
I was told that it is the only place in Portsmouth that does such a thing.  I opted for the beef which was delicious and Amanda at the restaurant advised me that the meat comes from Bramsbury Park butchers, which I know has a good name.  

I liked the Black Rock Grill experience - but I don't know if I'd be willing to part £17.95 for the 8oz fillet of beef again - just because I can cook good rib eye steak from Buckwells at home, but for the novelty and the Groupon price I paid, I enjoyed it.

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  1. sorry for being a tad bit picky, but the butchers you refer to is Bransbury Park on Eastney Rd. As a regular customer there i thought i'd point it out as I know they are often mentioned in the shadow of Buckwell's, even though I believe the majority of their products are sourced from the same supplier.