Friday, 22 June 2012

The Cube - Electrolux

People attend the Olympics and such like events when they are hosted by our own nation, because it's nice to feel like you have had a part in the making of history.  Well for food lovers all over the UK, here is an experience that will rival that sensation.  Allow me to introduce you to The Cube - by Electrolux.  I was asked this week to review this unique dining experience.  Read on to see why you really should make the effort before the end of September to dine like you have never dined before!

2012 is a fine year for London with both the Queens Jubilee and the Olympics to celebrate, and sitting tall overlooking these prestigious events right in the heart of the city, is the Electrolux Cube.  This 4-month restaurant is open between the 1st of June and 30th of September and is situated above London’s Royal Festival Hall.  It is a stunning piece of modern art, mixing a modern structure atop of a classic building, with glass sides offering unrivalled views of iconic sites such as the River Thames, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.

The line-up of chefs (purposely located from various regions of the UK, and holders collectively of 8 Michelin stars) are Tom Kitchin from The Kitchin – Edinburgh, Sat Bains from Restaurant Sat Bains – Nottingham, Claude Bosi from Hibiscus - Mayfair (with all three appearing regularly on Saturday Kitchen), Daniel Clifford from Midsummer House - Cambridge  (who we saw reach the finals in this years GBM), and brothers Jonray and Peter Sanchez, (who shot to fame in Gordon Ramsay’s TV series Best Restaurant in 2010). 
Upon arriving on the rooftop of the Royal Festival Hall, a champagne reception with canap├ęs on the constructed terrace awaits you, before you enter the Cube to sit down at a single long table which seats 18 people.  Should the British weather not be in your favour, I discovered that the dining table has been constructed to allow it to be electronically lifted to the ceiling, thus allowing guests to sip champagne in the comfort of the cube!  Its interior feel is very simple and clean, which reflects Electrolux’s Scandinavian heritage.
Upon being seated, everyone's excitement was clear to see.  The kitchen is not so much open but is part of the dining room space, which allows you the opportunity to get up and interact with the kitchen team, and view the dishes as they are being plated up on the open ‘pass’
The cuisine from each chef promises to be exclusive to the Cube, and is a highly guarded secret until the actual day, which all adds to the excitement, so for people like me who love to look up menu’s beforehand, had to show a measured degree of patience!
2 Michelin starred French born Claude Bosi was our host chef.  He describes the Cube as a unique experience, innovative and experimental, so did his food reflect this?
Without giving too much away (as this would spoil the secret nature of the Cubes menu), our lunch comprised of a seven-course menu, which in my opinion comprised of very classic French style food, but with some experimental Michelin inspired elements!  Shrimp paired with strawberry, chicken with hints of sharp fruits, a dessert with pepper infused cream and white chocolate infused with a spring vegetable, were some of the culinary highlights!  All eaten whilst listening to a play list, personally selected by each chef.
What the Cube offers is the ability to enjoy a fine dining experience, without the anxiety of wondering what everyone around you is thinking, wearing, and talking about, because your so busy interacting with the chef, the food and the company you keep throughout the meal.  For anyone seeking new gastronomic heights, then the Cube by Electrolux will deliver physically as well as metaphorically!
The Cube showcases the link between the new range of Electrolux home kitchen appliances and how they can be used in the professional environment.  Surely an inspiration for any aspiring home cook!
The Cube is in its final leg of touring Europe, having visited Milan and Brussels and is currently in Stockholm and London.

 The Cube by Electrolux in London is open daily. Weekdays Lunch: 12:00. Dinner: 19:00. Reservations required at all times. Set lunch: £175. Set Dinner: £215 (including paired wines). For further updates and the latest news visit Electrolux Facebook Page or visit:

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