Wednesday, 4 July 2012

'Local Catch' The South Coast's first Seafood Mobile App Launches

Calling all seafood lovers....

I have just caught wind of a new mobile phone app that has launched for the south coast, and could have the ability to revolutionise the way we think, buy and eat fish!

Developed by South East Seafood with the aid of Portsmouth University students, the app, called Local Catch, lets fishermen along the south coast send out alerts on what they've caught that day to anyone who downloads the app and registers, meaning local people can meet their local fisherman/fishmonger and purchase same-day caught fish. Restaurants can join in too. It's one of the only ways to be sure you're getting same-day caught fish that's 100% local.

This FREE app can be found via  and is available on Android.  Unfortunately you will have to wait a little longer for the iPhone version (which is due out before September), so I was unable to trial it and review it for you, so until then any feedback on your experiences of the app would be more than welcome!

For me this is very exciting news, as it is bringing an age old industry forward by using cutting edge technology to make sure the consumer can plan ahead,  become more aware of seasonal seafood, inspire you to be more adventurous, and much much more.

Read on to find out more....

If you like the sound of fresh locally caught fish and seafood, but aren’t quite sure how or where to get it, then brace yourself for a change thanks to South East Seafood. Working in partnership with the south coast’s fishing community, the group is excited to be launching Local Catch, a revolutionary new smart phone app and website designed to connect you direct to your local fisherman’s catch of the day.

The launch of Local Catch means anyone on the south coast can register to receive alerts about their local catch of the day direct to their smart phone, tablet or computer. Whether it’s crab, lobster, bream or bass, the south coast’s fishermen and the fishmongers, restaurants and cafes they supply will all be uploading details of their freshest catches, along with their exact location every day. All you have to do is pop along to your local fishmonger, or meet your local fishermen directly and you’ll be guaranteed fresh local fish and seafood, the day it’s caught.

To ensure you really make the most of your fish, Local Catch gives you access to a whole range of recipes, inspiration and ideas, as well as cooking tips and videos on the preparation of various fish and seafood dishes. So whether you’re making bouillabaisse, bisque, crab cakes or chowder you can be sure your fish supper will be the freshest around. 

In addition to guaranteeing you fresh fish that’s 100% local, the launch of Local Catch also means a fairer price for the fishermen of the south coast. Henriette Reinders, Director of South East Seafood, explains: “The launch of Local Catch means a lot for the local fishing community. It will put them in contact with a much wider range of buyers than ever before, creating a better deal for everyone involved.”  Henriette is keen to encourage local residents from across Hampshire to download the app: “Local Catch is all about supporting the local fishing community and getting the freshest possible local fish. This is a truly unique opportunity and one of the only ways to really be sure you’re getting fresh local fish on the day it’s caught. Residents along on the south coast are the first to trial this exciting scheme. If everyone in the community gets behind Local Catch it could be a real local success story, revolutionising the way we get our fish.”

Local fisherman Roger Ramsden, who fishes off the coast of Hayling Island, is equally excited about the launch of Local Catch: “I think it’s fantastic news and a really great opportunity for the local fishing community and lovers of fish. There are lots of people who may not previously have known how to get their hands on fresh fish and seafood, so I am really looking forward to letting local people know about what I catch. It’s great to have a way to reach out and tell local people what I’ve caught. I’m really hoping lots of local people download the app.”  

And it’s not just consumers who can benefit from the app, as Henriette explains that local chefs and restaurants can get involved too: “We are really keen for chefs, restaurants, pubs, cafes, delis and fishmongers to use Local Catch too – they simply need to register in the same way as members of the public would. Once they’ve purchased from their local fishermen they are then able to send out an alert that lets people in the local area know they’ve got fresh, locally caught seafood on the menu.”
Local Catch is simple to use and free to download now from the Android Market. It’s also just as easy to use Local Catch on your computer, simply log on to to sign up and find out the catch of the day.

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