Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Koh Thai Tapas - Southsea

The old 8 Kings Road building has certainly changed hands a few times in recent years, with each restaurant venture proving unsuccessful, so when I saw a new Thai restaurant emerging, it's hard not to assume a similar fate.

But this may not be the case this time.  It would appear that Koh Southsea is not the only one.  Both Bournemouth Boscombe and I believe Bath all have a Koh, so this evidently is a small independently owned chain emerging in a time of little growth.

The interior is quite dark and sultry, and would appeal to the younger crowd for sure.  The interior a far cry from it's predecessors, with it's dark woods and predictable feel.

Friends gave me mixed reviews, so I went with an average expectation.

Service was swift, and the waitress pleasant.  We ordered 7 tapas dishes including Squid, Satay Chicken, Spring Rolls, and a couple of tapas size Thai curry's. Satay Chicken and Spring Rolls are not my usual choice, but if a restaurant does this well, you can get a good idea of what to expect from the rest of the menu.

I was not impressed by the first three - they seemed very average to me (so not much to say that you wouldn't already guess), but I did however think the Thai curry dishes were tasty and I would order these again.  We had the classic Green curry and the other was a Duck curry made with a red curry paste base with pineapple and grapes in with the sauce.  I thought it sounded wacky, but a few cocktails in, I was curious and glad to say I really enjoyed it uniqueness.

I have no images to share as it was so dark in there they never came out on my iPhone! 

I was not blown away by the food, but I'm sure Koh Southsea will be a success as it will cater for the masses.  However, on a positive note they do a takeaway/delivery service and I would be happy to try that out and just order from the Thai curry dishes on offer, as there were several inventive sounding dishes that caught my eye.

Top tip:  The couple sat next to me had ordered 9 tapas dishes and they all arrived at the same time!  Perhaps they requested this, but if this was the case - bad idea.  Cold food is never excusable or pleasant!

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