Monday, 7 April 2014

Local Evening Cookery Classes

I decided to pop into Chimes Restaurant (for those who do not know, it is Highbury college's Hospitality and Catering restaurant located on Winston Churchill Ave).  As I was walking past, I was pleased to discover that they are now running some cookery courses for the likes of you and I.  I was told this was a fairly new venture for them.  Having attended many cookery schools over the years, I'm glad to see the local college is running some evening classes, and I think it is a great idea for the people of Portsmouth.

I did manage to pick up a couple of leaflets as to what they have coming up, but for further information on these and as to what events are scheduled for future dates, you need to visit

I think the level of classes is aimed at beginners to intermediate, and classes are being ran by the college's lecturers.  Here are the details:

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