Saturday, 10 April 2010

abarbistro Old Portsmouth

Went here for lunch today  - just fancied something with a bright and spring like atmosphere.  I think this place is fab inside, I love the art work in here - the scenes of Southsea seafront fit this bistro's environment, and the provocotive black and white picture of a lady with a glass of red wine placed on the table in front of her always gets a smile from me. 

A few people braved it to sit outside and also in the sun garden at the rear, but we opted for a table inside.  I really fancied the chips as I could see they were presented in a nice metallic cone and looked really golden.  Looking down at the menu I was initially feeling cautious of what to order due to the fairly high prices of some of the dishes, (I don't know why but I always have a hard time in my mind justifying a large food bill at lunchtimes), but the proof is always in the eating I say.  We ordered between us a cone of chips £3, small moules £6 and a ham doorstep sandwich £4 which are all reasonably priced.  The chips were the best I have ever had in a restaurant (I'm wondering if they use the twice cooked method), moules were beautiful with just the right balance of wine and the lemon perfectly proportioned in the sauce just to lift it correctly, and the ham doorstep too was really good.  So if the rest of the menu is this good, then it really does justify the pricing.  As they are so close to the fish market I would guess that all of their fish dishes would be perfect, and so am looking forward to re-visiting this bistro - only problem is will I be able to draw myself away from ordering the moules and frites!!!

P.s Don't miss out on visiting Camber Wines upstairs if you get a chance.

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  1. This is definitely one on my list. I feel a long girlie lunch coming on...