Sunday, 6 June 2010

Old Portsmouth Fish Markets

Monday, 31 May 2010

Old Portsmouth Fish Markets

I only recently discovered that there was another fish market (I'm a little embarrassed to say) besides Viviers at Camber Quay, and it is located very close to it. I am referring to Johnson's at the End of East street also in Old Portsmouth. So when I visited for the first time a few weeks back I was pleasantly surprised! It really looks the part in here, everything well laid out and the staff are amazingly helpful and friendly. I've never particularly enjoyed the experience of purchasing fish at Vivers, so it was a dream to find the other place.

Last week I overheard someone saying that one of these places had squid on 'special offer', and as I was planing on making a squid dish that very weekend so I hot footed it down there. Turned out to be Viviers who had the offer. So the next day I prepared my bargain squid and cooked it only to bite into it and realise it was way past it's best, hard and almost stale like. I don't take risks with seafood so sadly it went in the bin! This and the poorish service I have received in Viviers has now made me a Johnson's girl!

Does anyone else have a favourite? Are you a Viviers or Johnson's fan!!!


  1. scott matthews said...
    i'm very sorry to hear about your squid as the owner of Relentless steak & lobster house i would like to say sorry if u would like to pop in to relentless i be more than happy to give u some baby squid so u can make that dish,i get it off vivers daily and people just love our squid.

    u never know u could be a Vivers girl again!

    thanks for your comments about relentless
    1 June 2010 00:09

  2. LOL at "Relentless" - One of the biggest joke restaurants in Portsmouth! Just look at the chavvy and rude replies back to reviews, by the owner on Tripadvisor. Also, many fake positive reviews left by the owner and his friends.