Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Relentless Steak & Lobster House, Elm Grove, Southsea

New restaurant in town 'Relentless' is a Lobster and Steak House offering freshly cooked seafood caught daily from it's own fishing boats and sourcing it's meat from Buckwells. Any restaurant selling itself on good quality fish and meat is a winner in my book. Having picked up one of their flyer's which has adorned my fridge for the last couple of weeks with a beautiful looking thick sirloin steak on the picture, I couldn't resist any more!!

On arrival we were immediately asked if we would like appetisers, which were a choice of snails or asparagus with hollandaise or bread and olives. We had a quick scan down the starters and decided to skip them, but instead to go for the appetisers of snails and the asparagus. They were a really decent size served on large plates, and we were glad we had not ordered starters too.  Both dishes were prepared well and the asparagus as it is currently in season was huge! It was not made clear if the appetisers were complementary or not. They turned out to be priced around the £3 mark.

The choice of starters and mains were very good, something for everyone including vegetarians. As we couldn't decide on fish or meat we both ordered the surf and turf option of half a lobster and rump steak at £24 each.  This being the most expensive dish on the menu, but a fair price for both lobster and steak I think. The waiter gave me the choice of going up to the tank and actually fishing out my own lobster which all adds to the fun of eating out.  The food is cooked in an 'open kitchen' but from were we were seated it was hard to see anything.  On arrival of the mains the plates were huge with a really good size steak and served with green beans, flat mushrooms, tomatoes and a portion of home cooked chips.  Even those with big appetite's would have been satisfied.

I had a little room for dessert so opted to share a portion of orange cheesecake which appeared to also be home made too.  Nice and rich in the right way, a good finish to the meal.
General comments I have heard from others who have eaten here tend to be that Relentless is good value for money - and I would agree.  My only request  to you is please don't compromise on quality and portion size for profit like so many restaurants often do,  as this may be why many will return in future.
Only thing we didn't like was being sat by the window next to the open front door (although it has been said that's where restaurants seat the good looking people - LOL), and with the door propped open most of the night, I presume due to ventilation issues in the kitchen area,  this made it feel as if we were dining on Elm grove with the smokers and passers by.
Would I recommend?  Yes. Top tip: Try and get a table in the cosy alcove at the back of the restaurant if your booking ahead.

Would I Go again? Yes, and I wish Scott Matthews and his team every success for the future. 



  1. Very fair review, and thanks for the tip about not sitting in the window - requested a move when they put us there!

  2. We went to Relentless on Friday night and had a very enjoyable evening. We were sat by window next to the front door which I loved as I can see what is going on in the kitchen and view the outdoor goings on to! (However I love Celina's comment about the good looking people!) The best scallops that I have tasted in a long time, and my crab dish was presented beautifully. The chefs are doing an amazing job, thank you Scott for a great night.

  3. We went to Relentless on monday evening and is certainly the best restaurant I've eaten in, in Portsmouth. I can't praise this place enough. We were also sat in the window but as we were late diners and hadn't booked just went with it. The rib eye steak is to die for. I hope this restaurant sticks to it's current principles of good portion size and good local produce. I would definately go again!

  4. bad food poor services the rump steak has gone off but the chef say is was not didn't apologise.dont do there waste of time.