Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Fire & Stone...The verdict!!

Always looking forward to trying any new eateries in my area, and after an offer on opening night of pizza's for £2 it had to be done!   I'm not a big fan of eating out in pizza establishments but the menu with it's unusual combo's look like it could be worth a shot.  We ordered pizza's from differing continents.  From the 'Americas' menu we had Acapulco & New York, from the 'Asia' menu we had Koh Samui, and from the 'Europe' menu we had the San Sebastian.  Acapulco was the most flavoursome of the 'Americas' with ground chilli beef, jalapenos, red onions and topped with sour cream and guacamole.  New York was a let down we gave it 5 out of 10 as it was bland and rather like an average Domino's pizza.  The Koh Samui was very unusual, all the flavours of Asia we have come to like on a pizza - yellow coconut sauce, red chilli, Thai basil, toasted sesame to name a few.  It was topped with sweet potato cubes which was interesting an unusual and worked, as some of the other pizza's come topped with roasted potatoes and I'm not sure this works on a pizza - makes it somewhat stodgy and carries no real flavour enhancements. 

Service was excellent, you could not tell it was opening night as on the surface from a customer point of view it all seemed to run smoothly. 

Definitely worth a try, especially if you like pizza.  The location is excellent, especially during the long summer nights as it is situated in the part of Gun Wharf that gets the late sun and they have outdoor seating with heat lamps too!  Inside the restaurant looks the part, very well thought out.  I'd not bother with the starters unless you have a huge appetite, as the two we tried were pretty bland - the 'mixed marinated olives' came with Italian bread sticks which were those long thin cheap ones you get in supermarkets - yuck! 

If you enjoy it and want to return then don't miss out on the privilege card that is on offer as it gives you a 15% off A La Carte and a free pizza when you have paid full price for 6.


  1. We nearly went for lunch today as their lunch offer is pretty good, but there was no one in the restaurant at all, and that put us off! But the tables outside looked lovely for a warm summer evening.

  2. I'm wondering if it's because it's still new and slightly tucked out of the way? I prefered it to Pizza Express, so lets hope it's just a matter of time before trade picks up.

  3. we ate here last year, they do a 4GBP pizza offer all day thursday. 4 of us had pizzas drinks and desserts for under 50GBP, can't complain about that. Service was good, even though the place was rammed, we got there at 9pm and we had to wait to be seated, even though we'd booked. I would happily go here again at the price we paid, but not for the normal price of around 10GBP per pizza. The topping were interesting, but the pizza base wasn't fresh. Also the outside dining area looked like it has potential for the summer....