Saturday, 8 May 2010

Yo! Sushi for lunch

People have mixed views about Yo! Sushi, but as it's recently opened at Gun Wharf  it seemed rude not to give this branch a try.  We arrived at 1.15pm to be told that they were not fully stocked on the belt and to return again in half an hour!  Most people I speak to make noise about Yo! Sushi's high prices and the fact they don't like eating raw food!  Both statements have a level of truth, but for many who are regulars I think the uniqueness of the set up and the quality of food is what keeps people coming back.  On all previous occasions of eating in a Yo! Sushi I've opted for just eating items from the belt, but today I ordered from the menu too.  We ordered Chicken Yakisoba noodles and a Seafood Rice dish and was not disappointed.  These hot dishes are the same price as some of the dishes that come straight off the belt but with a lot more substance, so I was glad we sampled these dishes and they were both filling too.  Some other dishes sampled today were Vegetable Tempura, Endame beans & Kaiso Salad.  My Bill £23.70 for 2 people with a total of 8 dishes and 1 glass of water.

I did sign up a couple of months ago to the Yo! Love Club for news and promotions, but as yet have not received any correspondence.

The Manager told me today that in a couple of months time once they have found their feet they will be introducing their 'Blue Monday' promotion to the branch where dishes are all £2.20 which many will look forward to(including myself), because as much as I love the quirkiness and speed which you can eat at Yo! Sushi, I always come out feeling rather light in the pocket department.

What does everyone else think?  It was amusing to see lots intrigued faces pressed up against the glass every few minutes.  This is the closest I'm likely to ever know how animals in zoo's feel - LOL!!!

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  1. Have eaten in Yo Sushi three times now. My 9 year old son loves it, and must have the palette of a galloping gourmet!